New Features for Kadence Blocks

We are always looking for ways to enhance our products and make them even more efficient for our customers (that’s you!). We recently have added four new features to our Kadence Gutenberg Blocks plugin. You can now preconfigure your Kadence block settings, and, when using a two columns layout, you will have granular control, allowing you to drag your columns to the dimensions you want. We’ve also added the ability to highlight text in the advanced header block and set text colors and hover colors for specific rows. 

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5 Essential Gutenberg Hidden Features

The Gutenberg editor is about to become a part of WordPress, and it’s safe to say the internet is not stoked on it. However, whether or not all the hate is justified is arguable.

Some of my biggest qualms with Gutenberg were that it felt as though a lot of seemingly basic features that are built into our favorite page builders were missing from the editor. At least that’s what I thought. As it turns out, some of those necessities that seemed to be missing are actually already built into the plugin. Althgouh, not as intuitively accessible as one may hope.
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