How to Make Money by Blogging


Can This Work?

Imagine what life would be like if you could work from home getting paid to do what you love? It sounds like a dream, right? Sitting at your kitchen table with simply your computer, your thoughts and a good cup of coffee. And then getting paid on top of that! The question is, how does this dream become a reality?
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Child Themes

If you have been in the WordPress world for any period of time you are probably familiar with the term “child theme.” It has kind of become one of those scary, complex things that many try to steer clear of without actually knowing anything about it. The reality, however, is that it actually is not that scary. In fact, it’s quite simple. But what is it, really? What does it do? Do you need it? This post will cover some of those basic questions as well as provide step by step instructions on creating one. Let’s start from the beginning…
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Free Resources for Re-making Your Site


Resources are a huge asset when it comes to creating a successful site. You can have a site full of amazing content, but if it isn’t visually appealing then it loses a lot of its power. Visual Resources are necessary for every kind of site! You may have excellent writing skills, but that’s not what initially grabs a reader’s attention. It’s the colors, the pictures, the overall feel. It can be a struggle to create beautiful and appealing designs and images that actually draw people in and make them want to come back. That’s why we’ve created this post! Helpful free tools to get your site looking spiff and span. Enjoy!

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How to Start a Blog


A Blogging World

In the last twenty years, blogging has come from non-existence to being one of the hottest things the internet has to offer. Not only does it give people the freedom to share their thoughts, but it has created an avenue for sharing fitness tips, recipes, ideas, photos, videos and so much more. There probably are not too many people who don’t have a favorite blogger that they follow regularly. It doesn’t matter who you are, there’s simply no denying that blogging has made its way near the top our wonderful social world. So why not jump on board?

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