Virtue Premium Header Styles

Creating a site often starts with the header and with virtue there are several built in options for having different header styles. Header Styles Standard Style Standard Style with secondary menu Standard Style with widget area Standard with Center Logo … Read More

Manually Updating a Theme

Steps to manually updating a WordPress theme by Kadence Themes. Step 1. Download the latest version of your premium theme from the my account page on Kadence Themes. Step 2. From inside your site admin, navigate to the Appearance > … Read More

Chrome Inspect Tool

The Google Chrome Inspect Tool (or DevTools) are a brilliant tool for editing/adding css on your site. It essentially gives you a sneak peak of what is going on in the back-end and allows you to test out changes without actually making changes. The DevTools … Read More

Creating a Demo 3 Layout Homepage

 Create a Page 1. Go to Pages > Add New and name your page “Home”. 2. Publish Page. Page Display Settings 1. Go to Settings > Reading. 2. Select “Static Page” beside “Front Page Displays” 3. Beside Front Page choose “Home.” … Read More

Demo Content for Pinnacle Premium

* NOTE We have a new plugin called the Kadence Importer. Use this method instead, Check it out here: Install Kadence Importer This tutorial will take you through the steps of installing the Pinnacle Premium theme with Demo Content from … Read More

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