Creating a Blog Demo Style Page with Pinnacle

Creating a Blog Demo Style Page with Pinnacle

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UPDATE: We have a new plugin called the Kadence Importer. You can now install the plugin, choose the blog demo and install all that content in one click. Check it out here: Kadence Importer

Getting Started:

  • Go to Settings > Reading.
  • Set the Front page display to Your latest posts.
  • Save changes.

Reading Settings ‹ Example — WordPress-Recovered


  • Go to Theme Options > Home Layout.
  • Choose full screen option beside “Display a sidebar on the Home Page?”
  • Enable Page Content in the Homepage Layout Manager.

Theme Options ‹ Example — WordPress2


  •  Scroll down to Latest Post Display.
  • Set to Normal Full Post

Theme Options ‹ Example — WordPress9

  •  In Theme Options > Site Header choose Center logo with menus on sides.
  • Set desired height for your header.
  • Leave other options off.

Theme Options ‹ Example — WordPress4


Topbar Settings:

  • In Theme Options > Tobar Settings turn the topbar on.
  • Set desired height for your topbar.
  •  Choose to show or hide topbar in mobile view.
  • Leave topbar icon menu off.
  • Leave cart tool off.
  • Turn search on.
  • Choose whether or not to make topbar search woocommerce only.
  • Turn topbar widget area on.
  • Turn topbar layout switch on.


Theme Options ‹ Example — WordPress 10


Theme Options ‹ Example — WordPress4

  • Go to Appearance > widgets and add Pinnacle: Social Links to your Topbar Widget.

Widgets ‹ Example — WordPress6

  • In Appearance > menus create a menu and set it to Topbar Navigation under Menu Settings.

Menus ‹ Example — WordPress3

Slider Settings:

  • Leave the place  behind header option turned off.
  • Select Latest Posts as your home image slider.
  • Select Post Carousel as the latest posts slider style.
  • Select Large for the carousel image size.
  • Set desired heights and widths.
  • Set auto play option to on.
  • Set desired pause time.
  • Set transition type to Slide.
  • Set slider transition time.

Theme Options ‹ Example — WordPress8



Blog Post Settings:

  • In your edit post pages add a “Read More” tag to the place you want your summary to end.


Edit Post ‹ Example — WordPress


  • To add image/images to your blog click Add Media.
  • Upload an image, a gallery, a slider, etc.