Creating a Homepage with Ascend Premium

Step 1

Create a new page and call it “Home” (or whatever you like).
Creating a new page called home 

Step 2

Set that page as your front page in Settings > Reading. If you do not want a static page as your homepage you can choose to set your homepage as the latest posts page.
Setting the front page display 

Step 3

Navigate to Theme Options > Homepage Header and choose and create a header for your home page. Or select none. *Note if you choose to use the “Kadence slider” you need to create that in the Kadence slider plugin settings. See here.

*To learn more about header styles see here.

Step 4

Navigate to Theme Options > Home Page Layout.

  • Choose if you want to have a sidebar on your page. If so, choose a sidebar to use.
  • Enable the modules you want and organize them by dragging and dropping. In order to display either your static page or latest posts page (Settings > Reading) be sure to enable Page Content.

  • In the dropdown menu under Home Page Layout you can click the modules you have enabled and edit its settings.

Step 5

Using Pagebuilder by siteorigin is a great way to manage your home page (and other pages). You can create full-width content areas as well as unique custom columns layouts.
*Note the premium theme comes packed with great extra widgets that allow you to create everything from the Theme options right in page-builder so you can approach building your home page in the way that’s easiest for you (using both will always work).

  • First make sure you have the plugin installed (premium users can go to Appearance > Theme Plugins).
  • If setting your homepage as a static page, make sure “page content” is enabled in the Homepage Layout Manager.
  • Navigate to the page you first created in step 1 and edit.
  • On the page click the “page builder” tab and you can start creating.
  • For more on page builder see this tutorial. Also, check out this tutorial on our new page builder row separator feature!