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Resources are a HUGE part of having a successful site. You can have a brilliant site, but if it isn’t visually appealing then it loses a lot of it’s power to impact the user. Visual Resources are necessary for every kind of site! You may have excellent writing skills, but that’s not what initially grabs a reader’s attention. It’s the colors, the pictures, the overall feel. We fully understand the struggle of having beautiful, appealing designs and images on your site that actually draw people in. That’s why we’ve created this post! Helpful free tools to get your site looking spiff and span. Enjoy!

Stock Photos

We have discovered that throughout the years free stock photos have come a long way and we’ve also discovered that many of you may not be informed on this piece of knowledge. So instead of searching through hundreds and hundreds of terrible, awkward images, check out the links below! All provide free, high quality images with no subscriptions necessary. You’re welcome.


Patterns can be an excellent way to draw out your content. Sometimes a nice subtle background can make all the difference. And sometimes it’s not the subtle ones, but the wild and crazy ones that scream out “you.” Here’s a couple sites we like.

Color Pallets

Have you ever visited someones site and just cringed at their color choices? We certainly have and let me tell you, it turns people off to the entire site. Some colors just don’t work together. So we’ve provided a few sites that will help. Both links below provide beautiful color pallets and codes for you to paste into your own site.


Pltts –


Icons can be a simple, yet wonderful asset to a website. The following link provides custom built icon fonts that are simply done well. Check out their free package. If you like it, go premium!


If you’re looking for mockup designs and resources then Pixeden is the way to go. With everything from t-shirt mockup templates to corporate brochures, this site has it all. Tons of free content and more if you choose to go premium.


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  1. Hunter

    This is great, thank you!

  2. Anne Massør

    Amazing – I’m a very seasoned digital worker and there were some of the images site I didn’t know.

    Thanks for inspiring me!