Getting Started with Kadence reCAPTCHA

Create a reCAPTCHA API with Google:

Select the type of reCAPTCHA you wish to use:

recaptcha api configuration kadence themes

Navigate to Settings> reCAPTCHA Settings, and add API:
settings recaptcha kadence themes

add recaptcha api kadence themes

Configure your site’s reCAPTCHA settings:

–Choose where you want the reCAPTCHA to take effect:
reCaptcha form options Kadence Themes

–Set the style of your reCAPTCHA:
reCaptcha Form Style Kadence Themes

–Choose to display a privacy consent prior to form use:
recaptcha consent to cookies kadence themes

–Privacy consent will appear like this:
consent for cookie use kadence themes recaptcha

–Enable for Contact Form and Testimonial Form

Log out of WordPress and test your reCAPTCHA:

reCaptcha enabled kadence themes