We’re happy to introduce the Kadence Importer Plugin. It comes packed with the demo content for each Kadence Theme. When you install it will automatically see what theme you are using and give you options to import one of the demo sites with all the demo content. One click and you have all the content from any one of the demos. This is for free and premium users. Download the plugin by clicking the button below.

Kadence Importer

Tutorial for the Kadence Importer

  • Step 1 – Download the plugin from above.
  • Step 2 – Navigate to your site, in the admin click on Plugins > Add New. Then click the “Upload Plugin” Button.
  • Step 3 – Navigate to the zip file you just download from above and upload it.
  • Step 4 – Activate the plugin. (You should also have the theme recommend plugins activated at this time and if you want the shop items you need woocommerce activated).kt_upload_plugins_c
  • Step 5 – From the WordPress admin navigate to Tools > Kadence Importer.
  • Step 6 – Choose the demo you want to install and click the Import demo content.
  • Step 7 – Wait… It takes a few minutes to download all the content.
  • Step 8 – Once it’s finished navigate to the front end of the site, should have all the demo content installed just like the demo site.