Frequently Asked Questions

We are now over seven months since the launch of Kadence Themes. That’s seven months of support for virtue free and premium which has led to a lot of questions. This is is an attempt to start listing the most frequently asked.

The most likely cause is a plugin conflict, try disabling plugins first if the issue is plugin related report it on the support forms and we will look into the issue. Most likely if a plugin is causing a conflict it’s an issue out of our control as there are many badly coded plugins out there.

If you’ve tried disabling all plugins next either contact your hosting provider or login and find your php settings. It’s possible that you just need to increase your memory limit or max execution time.

You can change those values using the PHP Configuration File (php.ini):
▪ php_value memory_limit = “128M”;
▪ max_execution_time = 360;
… or by modifying the WordPress PHP files (wp-settings.php):
▪ ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘512M’);
▪ ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, 300);
Please note that it doesn’t work with some cheap web hosts, if that is the case talk to your hosting provider.

It’s already done, built into the theme and wordpress. Just be sure to use good quality images that are at least 1200x1200px. We suggest using: before you upload.

Yes just add this css to your custom css box in the theme options:

@media (min-width: 992px) {
body .main.col-lg-9 {float:right;}

*If you are using Virtue Premium theme there is now an option to set this from Theme Options > Main Settings.

1. In your WordPress dashboard browse to the products header and then to the products category.
2. On your list of products on the right hand side simply click the star icon to set the product as a featured product.
With virtue you need to assign an menu to your mobile menu in the WordPress menus page.
Just add this css to your custom css box in the theme options:

#topbar-search input[type=text], .topbarmenu ul li a, #topbar-search #searchsubmit {
    color: black;
#topbar-search .form-search ::-webkit-input-placeholder {
   color: black;
 #topbar-search .form-search :-moz-placeholder {
   color: black;
#topbar-search .form-search ::-moz-placeholder {
   color: black; 
#topbar-search .form-search :-ms-input-placeholder {  
   color: black;