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Get access to all our themes and plugins, plus any new themes or plugins we release!
Use on Unlimited Websites.
One year of support and updates.
Includes all our themes and plugins.
Access to all future themes and plugins.
30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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Kadence Premium Themes

Unlimited access to all our themes including future themes!

We take the approach of "less is more" when it comes to theme development. We prefer to make a few amazing themes rather than 40 themes that are so limited in their options and output that they are not very useful. With our themes we do our best to provide options for many different layouts and styles in order to get your sites looking and working exactly as you want. You will be surprised at how versatile and powerful our themes truly are.

Ascend Premium WordPress Theme

Ascend Premium Theme

Theme Demos Theme Details


Virtue Premium Theme

Theme Demos Theme Details


Pinnacle Premium Theme

Theme Demos Theme Details


Virtue Premium Bold Child Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details

Kadence Premium Plugins

Unlimited access to all our plugins including future plugins!

Because of our drive to create a membership that truly benefits our users we are excited to expand our plugin development. This is an area that we have some great ideas with a lot more to come.


Kadence Slider Pro

A fast and powerful slider with individual layer control.

Plugin Details


Kadence Woo Extras

Variation Swatches, Product gallery sliders, Size charts, and more.

Plugin Details


Kadence Galleries

Create standout galleries that are filterable and beautifully responsive.

Plugin Details

kadence pricing table

Kadence Pricing Table

Create beautiful pricing tables that stand out and increase your sales.

Plugin Details


Kadence Widget Dock

A powerful, clean, and elegant way to place content or marketing offers in front of your users in an non-intrusive manner.

Plugin Details


Kadence Related Content

Select, order and define the exact content that you want to entice your readers with to further investigate or connect with your site.

Plugin Details

Kadence Woocommerce Template Builder

Kadence Woo Template Builder

Create completely custom Woocommerce product, archive and checkout pages using Page Builder.

Plugin Details


Kadence Simple Share

Link products to your blog posts and show in a carousel to upsell and further engage your readers.

Plugin Details


Kadence Page Transitions

An elegant way to add animation transitions to page navigation.

Plugin Details

Kadence AMP Plugin

Kadence AMP

Adds Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for WordPress and works with Woocommerce Products!

Plugin Details

Kadence Fullpane Vertical Slider

Kadence Fullpane Vertical Slider

Beautiful full page slider that flows natually with native scroll and allows for any type of content. Build inside pagebuilder!

Plugin Details

Kadence Reading Time

Kadence Reading Time

Let’s you easily add an estimated reading time to your WordPress posts.

Plugin Details

Kadence Custom Fonts

Kadence Custom Fonts

Easily add custom fonts to your site and assign them through the theme options panel.

Plugin Details

Kadence reCAPTCHA Plugin

Kadence reCAPTCHA

Prevent spam, Add reCAPTCHA to comments, login, contact forms

Plugin Details

Kadence WooCommerce Elementor

Kadence Woocommerce Elementor

Build custom layouts for your products in WooCommerce using the amazing Elementor page building experience

Plugin Details

Kadence Blocks

Extend the WordPress 5 block editor with our powerful gutenberg toolkit.

Plugin Details

Kadence Membership Reviews

12 reviews for Kadence Membership

4.92 out of 5 stars

  1. andreas@olbricht.it
    5 out of 5

    Love it

    Will use it in many projects now...
    Check my site in the future: www.olbricht.it

    7 of 7 found this helpful
  2. wlpworks247365@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Well-Coded Beautiful Themes and Plugins, Attention To Detail and Outstanding Support

    I am a long-time Joomla developer and have spent hundreds of dollars/year for Joomla Template Memberships, so when I came across this website and saw that a one year "Membership" was only $75, I was amazed. I had to investigate further... and I'm glad I did!

    First of all, the themes sell themselves. They are well designed and laid-out. The plugins also seem to be a step or two above what I have seen out there and are very useful. It didn't take me long to decide that Virtue Premium was the theme I wanted to use for a new WordPress site. I have seen individual themes sell for the cost of an entire one year membership at Kadence. It was a no-brainer!

    The real value in my decision came just a few days after starting when I realized that much of WordPress is entirely different then using Joomla and I was a little out of my league. No problem there... Ben was extremely helpful each and every time I requested support. Even with all of the members they have, and they have a lot, I have received answers to my support questions usually within 1-2 hours, sometimes faster. And, they work with you until they have satisfied all of your needs.

    I can't say enough about Kadence Themes and everything they have to offer. It's the best choice I could have made! Thanks for everything Ben!

    9 of 11 found this helpful
  3. garryegan@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Not Your Typical Membership

    Kadence Themes creates high-quality plugins that are superior to other plugins. From their light-footprint social sharing widget to their lightning-fast support response times, if you only choose 1 company to pay a membership fee to, Kadence is the one.

    10 of 14 found this helpful
  4. antondrob@bk.ru
    5 out of 5

    Virtue premium

    Very powerful and easy to use theme. Thanks for you work.
    The best support I've seen.

    6 of 7 found this helpful
  5. daniel@consultd.de
    5 out of 5

    great themes/plugins and great support

    Am very happy with the themes and the great support!

    Thank you


    5 of 5 found this helpful
  6. website@flyingroasters.de
    5 out of 5

    We are long term Virtue Premium users and it's one of the best products we've come along. Plus Support is fast and helpful, not the kinds of semi-automated copy'n'paste answers (that do not help) which you get elsewhere. Happy that we did upgrade. We also felt morally to do it, since it's really not expensive for what you get. Thank you!

    7 of 9 found this helpful
  7. mikerice@netprophet.net
    5 out of 5

    I run my business on Kadence

    I discovered the free Virtue Theme about 2 years ago and it instantly became a favorite. That's saying something for a free theme. I quickly upgraded to the paid version, soon after purchased Pinnacle, and eagerly became a very early Kadence member. While I occasionally use Pinnacle, I develop the vast majority of my websites with Virtue and no two need look the same.

    The themes are excellent, but there are many good themes out there. Most aren't as intuitive as the Kadence Themes, but any well developed theme can be mastered with practice. What truly sets Kadence apart is their support. Fast, accurate, thorough, and easy to understand and implement. Put that icing on a collection of attractive, functional, and easy to use themes, and there's a piece of my business I don't really have to think about thanks to Kadence.

    Kadence has really outdone themselves with the new Ascend theme. Clearly Ben and the team have listened to their customers, paid attention to what goes on in the forums, and really collaborated on this one. I'm reminded of the old spaghetti sauce commercial, "it's in there!" Kudos on what may be your best theme yet, and please keep up the great work so guys like me can take the credit!


    5 of 6 found this helpful
  8. maros@blasko.eu
    5 out of 5

    Love it!

    I had two years of experience with pinnacle, loved it but wanted something more.
    After ascend was relased, I ordered membership including all the plugins. Now I need nothing more for developing websites, blogs, stores, etc.
    Bravoo Kadence Themes!

    3 of 3 found this helpful
  9. hugo@pequenaweb.com
    5 out of 5

    I'm in!

    I use only Kadence themes for more than a year now. Going for a membership was an evidence for me. Support from the Kadence team is great. Ascend Premium and the new set of plugins included in Membership are just perfect to develop easily any kind of website and design. It's a very complete set of options to do whatever I want so fast!

    3 of 3 found this helpful
  10. brandy.miller@jellisontech.com
    5 out of 5

    Love Kadence!

    The Kadence team is great and provides a wonderful service. The membership is definitely the way to go!

    4 of 5 found this helpful
  11. al@tereall.ca
    4 out of 5

    Excellent Flexibility and Great Support

    I have used both Ascend and Virtue themes and with our designer created wonderful and aesthetic websites. I love the page builders which makes creation easy.

    1 of 2 found this helpful
  12. btrentd@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Amazing themes, support, and extra plugins.

    The Kadence Themes membership with Virtue, Pinnacle, and the new Ascend theme is simply great. Plus it's at a great price! Do yourself and your business a favor and sign up for the membership.

    1 of 2 found this helpful

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If you cancel or choose to not renew you can continue using the products for as long as you like but you will not receive product updates. This means you will still have the theme/plugin files as of the day you canceled your subscription but you will not have access to any new updates. Please note that we can not guarantee how long the theme will work without updates because WordPress and plugins change over time, so we strongly suggest you keep a valid license. View our reasons for a subscription-based price on our pricing philosophy page.