How to Start a Blog

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A Blogging World

In the last twenty years blogging has come from non-existence to being one of the hottest things the internet has to offer. Not only does it give people the freedom to share their thoughts, but it has created an avenue for sharing fitness tips, recipes, ideas, photos, videos and so much more. There probably are not too many people who don’t have a favorite blogger that they follow regularly. It doesn’t matter who you are, there’s simply no denying that blogging has made its way near the top our wonderful social world, so why not jump on board?

What should I write about?

Where to Start

One of the most beautiful things about blogs is that anyone can do it! Whether you’re Google or the kid down the street, if you’ve got something to share then you better share it! And this, my friends, is where the majority of people get stuck- where do you start?? Are you dying to share recipe’s and ideas and photos but you just don’t know how? At one point or another we all were in your shoes. No one is born knowing how to create a website. But we’ve learned and so will you! And we’ve made it easy for you- just follow the steps below and your beautiful new site will be up and running in no time. We mean it!

Find YOUR Passion

First things first- what kind of blog do you want? Writing the first post in a blog can be a pretty tricky task. That first post sets the standard for how the rest of your blog is going to play out.  Do you want a fashion blog? A travel blog? A food blog? Or do you just simply want to write out your thoughts? How do you write a blog that sparks peoples interest and then somehow continues to do so post after post? I could give you a list of ideas and questions to ask yourself, but I think when it comes down to it there’s just one thing you need to do- find your passion. What makes YOU come alive, then go after that. If you’re crazy about fashion and you decide to write about music chances are it won’t last long.  It’s a hard task to get a reader passionate about something that you yourself aren’t passionate about. Let your thoughts run wild and free. If you want a successful blog you’ve got to get raw and real. People want to hear the ugly stuff no one likes talking about. Don’t feel pressured to confine yourself to one topic. Release whatever it is that’s inside of you! That’s the stuff we want! And another thing- photos can go a long way! Who says you have to be a great writer to have a successful blog? People don’t lie when they say a picture says a thousand words. If you’ve got cool pictures let the world see! Remember, this is your blog, so do with it as you please! Let us handle the techy stuff and we’ll let you do the rest.


Getting started with a host and WordPress.

Step One: Who are you?! [ Choose Your Domain & Host ]

Say you want to have a party, but you just don’t  have the space in your home to hold the amount of people you would like to come. So what do you do? Rent out a building. Web hosting works kinda like that. Technically they own the space, but you’re renting it and that gives you free reign to do with it as you please. So first,  choose your hosting company. We personally love A Small Orange ( If you’re looking for something a little cheaper Bluehost ( isn’t a bad option. But feel free to do your own research and find what works for you. Next choose you’re domain (this is typically done through the hosting company). Picking a domain can be a stressful task. My advice? Let it flow! Don’t over think it. You should already know who you are, so let it simply represent you!

 Step Two: Get Online!  [ Welcome to Worpdress ]

WordPress is an excellent web software that allows you to create beautiful websites. And it is also what links you to us (Kadence Themes). Most hosts have a easy way to get wordpress installed and running on your server. For help contact the hosting service you’re using.

Step Three: Choose a Look! [ Select a Theme ]

By choosing a theme you are essentially choosing a layout for your blog. All the content is yours, we just help make it look good. You can view and download one of our themes here-

Keep in mind that once you choose a theme you are not obligated to stick with that theme. Your information will be saved if you decide to use a different theme, it just will have a different look.

Step Four: Ready, Set, Go! [Activate Your Theme]

Once you’ve chosen and downloaded a theme go into your wordpress dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes. Click Add New then Upload Theme. Find the theme you just downloaded, select it and click Install Now. Once installed, activate the theme. Now the fun part- you have full freedom to decorate your blog however you like! We mean it, have fun! Be creative! Release that messy, wild, creative stuff. Remember, this is YOUR blog 🙂


Helpful tools to learn WordPress

We Are Here to Help!

We want you to know what we are 100% here to help. It’s easy to get to that point of being totally frustrated, trust us- we’ve been there. But know that we are happy to help get you back on track.

If you’re brand new to WordPress then we highly recommend this tutorial series –

For tutorials specific to our themes check out this page –

If you can’t find what you need, ask us on the support forums:

For premium themes:

For free themes:

If you need some inspiration check out our demos – -You can find by clicking on a theme and selecting “View Demo.”

Plugins can also be a huge asset to your site, we’ve made a post with a list of our favorites. Check that out here – coming soon.


That’s it, friends! You’ve done it. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. We’re glad you’ve joined us. Cheers to you and your new site!