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  • January 19, 2018 at 3:39 am #175694

    Hi I have a website where the widgets suddenly don’t work or they work, but don’t show up properly

    1)On the News section- there is a column that is not showing up at all. So it leaves space for three posts but the last column doesn’t show up. I notice this blank column does the same thing on the subscriptions page and “Our Work” page so anything where there are images laid out in a tile format
    2) On similar posts- is there a way to leave out “previous and “next post”?) and have similar posts only? My similar posts all seem to be different sizes and the titles don’t seem to show up clearly so not sure if there’s another way to display the similar post apps in a more aesthetically pleasing way?
    3) On my home page, my gallery of clients we’ve worked with doesn’t slide and i’m not sure why this is the case?

    You can view my website on

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