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  • January 23, 2018 at 9:02 pm #176217

    I had set up the AMP plugin for one of my sites when I got the email about it awhile back. Tonight I was looking through Google webmaster tools and saw that AMP pages have errors. This is for blog posts. It is complaining:

    “The attribute ‘onclick’ may not appear in tag ‘a’.”

    When I looked through the HTML for one of the blog posts it was complaining about I discovered the on click code in question is in the reply to buttons in the comments. Sure enough when I went to the AMP setup and removed comments from the output sections, Google stopped complaining about them when I tested a link again.

    I can’t find a plugin that could be causing this. I am using a child theme but have not touched the comments section. I am using the Ascend theme with this plugin.

    For the moment I’m just leaving comments turned off for AMP but I’d like the option to have them on if possible. I’m not sure if this is an AMP issue or Ascend?



    PS: FYI I couldn’t post this issue without making on click two words as long as it was presented as one word, I got error messages. Weirdly it let it go by in the quote marks but not on another line?

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