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  • August 8, 2018 at 9:48 am #198234

    I dont know what the issue is here – I am using Pinnacle Premium and attempting to use background images for the page title which are 700px high.

    On a desktop, the image displays as a 200px high “slice” of the image, but when I view it on a mobile device, it is responsive and shows the full height and width of the image.

    I can correct the display on a desktop by using the “padding” fields to manipulate it to the correct height, but when I do that, the mobile display is not responsive and only shows a (full height) narrow vertical strip.

    How can I get the full height/full width image showing on all formats?

    And is there a setting which allows the title and subtitle to appear on a coloured background on tope of the image?

    Thanks in advance

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