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  • March 7, 2018 at 4:46 am #182258

    i have this page: where i build a tab structure… and if you click on VYGER tab you can see two little icons … but i specified in the page layout to be 220px ( exagerated to be visible in due of the bug)… i think there is a bug in the theme or in the page builder widget because, if i put the site origin icon widget in the main level of the page i can see correclty the icon, but in y case where i have a structure like this: main page row with a tab widget > a layout builder widget > a row with the icon widget + text widget the icon is showed like that little…

    is a site origin bug or your? can you send the problem to site origin of you have shortcuts to them or i have to put in their support system?

    Thank you

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