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  • October 11, 2017 at 7:49 am #162963


    Using kite.ly on this theme, which inserts the product image on the single-product page as so:

    <div data-thumb=" class="woocommerce-product-gallery__image" data-o_data-thumb=" href=" title="Tote Bag – 15″x16.5″" data-o_href=" src=" width="1" height="1" class="attachment-shop_single shop_single wp-post-image" alt="Tote Bag - 15&quot;x16.5&quot; [15&quot;x16.5&quot;]" title="Tote Bag - 15&quot;x16.5&quot; [15&quot;x16.5&quot;]" data-caption="" data-src=" data-large_image=" data-large_image_width="0" data-large_image_height="0" data-o_src=" data-o_height="0" data-o_width="0" data-o_srcset="" srcset="" data-o_sizes="" sizes="(max-width: 1px) 100vw, 1px" data-o_title="Tote Bag – 15″x16.5″" data-o_alt="Tote Bag – 15″x16.5″" data-o_data-src=" data-o_data-large_image=" data-o_data-large_image_width="0" data-o_data-large_image_height="0"></a></div>

    When using the URL only, I can see the image – no problem. It will not display using the code above.

    This works when tested with 2015 WordPress theme so can assume it’s a Pinnacle related issue?


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