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  • December 6, 2017 at 9:39 am #170913

    Cheers folks,

    I have 3 questions about my site (www.sketchywireframes.com)

    1.) The mobile hamburger menu does not respond when i’m in the portfolio pages until i scroll down on the page. (ex: http://sketchywireframes.com/portfolio/unruly-splats). How do i fix that? I have some css that forces

    2.) Question specifically about the Mobile Hover and Active Font Color. Is there a way to either

    a.) change the color’s opacity to 50% ?
    b.) change the color to 0% only when the header is transparent? (The header for the home page is transparent until scroll. I would like the Mobile Hover and Active font Color to mimic this behavior

    3.) Is there any options for a “Sticky Footer” to ensure the footer stays at the bottom of the page no matter what? The following page on my site (http://sketchywireframes.com/ux) has the footer right in the middle because there is little material there

    4.) I would like to change the hover color, and hover font color, of the button on the following page (http://sketchywireframes.com/contact). what is the setting or css code that controls that?

    Happy Holidays,

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