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  • January 29, 2018 at 2:18 pm #176990

    Hello again,

    Quite a few questions I am afraid. I have built a test site on hellaholic.se to make myself familiar with the Ascend theme, then I changed from theme Virtue to Ascend on our main site hellaholics.com.

    Questions Demo site vs Hellaholics.com:
    1. On hellaholic.se there is space/padding between the first Kadence slider and the product carousel below, but not on hellaholics.com. Can you tell me why? Have I missed a setting? What I would like is the more “airy” look with space as on hellaholic.se.

    2. On the Ascend demo shopping site and on hellaholic.se the shop sorting drop-down menu looks fine. On hellaholics.com its more narrow and looks squashed. Why? Can it be solved? Please see screen shoot on the following link: https://hellaholics.com/temp/

    3. On the Ascend demo shopping site the mini-cart pop ups to the left, on hellaholics.com it pops to the right. Can this be changed? Prices in the minicart on hellaholics also looks squashed/touches the lines, can a more open look be achieved? Increase size on the minicart and/or Increase the space between each line? Make it look more as in theme Virtue

    4. Logotype sizing on tablet and mobile phone-
    On hellaholics.com (main store, previously with theme virtue) and hellaholic.se (my test store). I have what I believe is the same settings, yet the logo is still tiny on tablet on hellaholics.com.

    5.A) What changes needs to be done to the CSS to get purple hoover colour and maintain the other colours on the currency widget?
    5.B) Is it possible to align the currency widget buttons to the left.
    6. How can I add padding/space between widgets in footer on mobile view.

    Home – front page
    7. Is there a way to force the blog images on the front page to a similar size no matter the original image size? Preferably landscape, in the same size as the image with the girl with the pink lips.

    Shop pages
    8. How can I align price to the left on mobile view (so it become similar to the desktop and tablet view)
    9. How can I decrease the product title font on mobile view, but maintain it on desktop and tablet.

    Cart & Checkout
    10. In the cart – can cart totals be placed below cart summary? As in theme Virtue. Looks very tight now, again please temp page link here: https://hellaholics.com/temp/

    Categories, product page
    11. It would be most appreciated if you can provide me with the CSS for: Product categories not underlined on product pages.

    Browser issues:
    12. The logo acts up in Internet Explorer. The same goes for the icon menu who brakes the frame and the text is hard to read.

    13. Shop product column layout: While checking the site on stationery MAC and laptop MAC, in the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari the product column layout shows 3 products in a row (as in settings). On laptop PC, in the same browsers as above the product column layout shows 3 products in a row (as in settings).

    But when I attach my laptop (PC) to a larger screen the browser Google Chrome only shows 2 products in a row. I understand that this can differ ofc, but why this occurs on a lager screen but looks good and maintain 3 products in a row on a smaller screen is beyond me in chrome. Any thoughts? Again please see screen shoot here: https://hellaholics.com/temp/

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