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  • February 1, 2018 at 4:43 am #177349

    I’ve got 60 or so products on my site so far, but the images for just one of these products won’t load on the Product Category page or in the Featured Products carousel, although they load absolutely fine on the product page itself.

    On the Category Page it just shows the product name at the top of a blank box, which will do the ‘flip’ if you hover the mouse pointer over it. If you click on it, you go through to the product page which has all the pictures displayed correctly.

    The images for this product were taken at the same time as many others that work fine, all went through the same processing, same dimensions, similar file sizes etc. They just seem to be playing up for this one product.

    If I edit the product, delete all the images and hit update, it goes back to displaying the default ‘no image’ icon for the product as normal.
    I’ve completely deleted the photos from the media library and reloaded them again, then added them on to the product and updated but get the same result.

    Any idea what might be going on with this one product? I’m not sure if this is the theme, or WooCommerce, or some sort of caching going on.

    I don’t have any caching plugins installed so I think (apologies if this is wrong) the only caching is the default provided by my host. There’s an ‘Empty Varnish Cache’ button on my dashboard toolbar, but clearing this cache makes no difference. Not sure if this is at all related, but I have one other product on the site where I uploaded older versions of the product photo in error, and although they were deleted from the site and the correct ones uploaded to the product page, the old images are still the ones that appear on the Product Category page

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