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  • March 3, 2018 at 2:56 am #181778

    I am currently using Pinnacle, specifically for it’s portfolio functionality. Unfortunately, none of the “Project Options” are suitable for my purposes, so I am currently setting that particular option to “None”. Therefore I am relying on the standard Text editor to place image content into the portfolio pages. The only problems I have with doing it this way are linked to padding or spacing around the images. For example, when I do not set a header/slider, the first image is too far down the page on mobile devices ( How do I move this image up so the space between the logo and first image is reduced? Also, it would be good if the image widths were larger on mobile devices ( How to I increase them? If I could somehow put pagebuilder into the portfolio page, that would probably fix the latter problem. Is this possible? Alternatively, I notice that when I add a header to the portfolio page, the issue with the spacing is fixed, however, I can’t seem to get the header/slider fullwidth ( How to I do this? Finally, if I were to abandon doing the portfolio this way and use “Image List Style 2” in the “Portfolio Post Options”, the set “Featured Image” is removed ( and How can I stop this happening since I want that single selected image displayed on the home page in the portfolio grid to be the Featured Image.

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