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  • January 12, 2019 at 2:03 am #213104

    Hey Ben,

    I suspect my site was hacked but not sure.

    A guy from Fiverr was helping me to monetize my site yesterday and he finished last night. When I went in to check I’ve noticed 3 posts regarding travel tips which weren’t posted by me, and another one in the draft box? Sadly my subscribers received notifications of these posts. I removed it to trash. I have Wordfence plugin installed. It happened while he was working on my site obviously. I’ve changed my passwords. How does a person know who you can trust!

    1) Are the Posts now completely removed as I’ve read a page I not completely removed by lying in Trash and is bad for SEO?

    2) I’ve contacted Bluehost and their security support said ok I’ve been hacked but he didn’t check? He then said that they can remove malware and I need to sign up for a 12-month plan of $70 per month. When I said it is way over my budget he suggested a 30$ per month and later a 25$ pm plan but say it is not as secure? This morning I installed the Sucuri plugin as you suggest on support. Their pro-plan is 299$ per annum. Which one is best and would you say it is a requirement?

    3) I did the scan but is still not 100% sure if my site was hacked? How can I be sure?

    4) Can you please check as everything now looks suspicious to me?

    5) I’ve read you said a person must only use trustworthy plugins. I have so many plugins and trust they are all trust-worthy. Some are maybe not even necessary but as I am still learning all these technical stuff, I am very confused about what is really necessary and what not, any recommendations if you cannot check my plugins.

    6). I have WP Back-up and Updraft installed. The past week I receive errors every day on the Updraft back up (not successful)? How can I check as I don’t see any backups made by WP Back-up?

    Would really appreciate your assistance.
    Thanks in advance

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