Using Page Builder

Page Builder by Site Origin is a great way to easily add content to your sites in the layout that you want. Adding custom columns and arranging unique layouts all in a visually easy way to see and understand. You can check out the plugin here:

Using Call to Action Widget with Parallax Background

Step 1: Create a new page. In the page attributes tab set the page template Fullwidth.


Step 2: Click on the “page builder tab”, then click the Add Widget button.


Step 3: Click on the “Virtue: Call to Action” widget, then fill in the widget boxes.


Step 4: Next, hover over the tool in the top right corner of the page builder row and select “Edit Row.”


Step 5: Under Row Styles click the Layout tab to open it.


Step 6: Set the Row Layout to Full Width Stretched. Here you can also add top and bottom padding to your image.

Step 7: Click the Design tab to open it. Here you can either upload a background image or select a background color. Then set background image style to Parallax.