Key similarities:

Both themes are highly editable and customizable, they can be used for any type of site.
Both themes work well with Woocommerce for an online store and come with custom features that extend woocommerce.
Both themes have the same optional custom post types (staff, testimonial and portfolio).
Both themes have the same extra plugins and are designed to work well with page builder.

To this end we don’t usually ever recommend one over another based on what type of site your building as both can do any type of site. The main thing to consider when choosing is the style so I strongly encourage viewing and exploring both themes demos.

Virtue Premium Demo Pinncale Premium Demo

*please note that both themes have several demo sites so check them all out.

Key Difference:


While Looking through the demo sites take note of the feel and style of the demos. You will see output differences in every section of the way blog posts are displayed to how widgets show in the sidebar.

Key Functionality Differences:


Aside from the style the header is one of the main differences between Pinnacle and Virtue. With the Pinnacle theme the header can be transparent (so the page title image appears behind it) and then as you scroll change to have a background. This is totally different then how the virtue header can work because with pinnacle you set two different logos. One for when the header background is transparent and one for when the header background is solid or sticky.
See the demo here of the pinnacle header with a transparent header:

And one here without a transparent header:

This can be set on a page by page basis. So you can decide to have a transparent header or not and choose what image (or slider) you would like in the page title area along with what text.

Virtue doesn’t have any of these options but with the Virtue theme you get some more header options like you can have the menus be below the logo and have up to three menus in the header (pinnacle only 2). You can also add a widget area into he header next to the logo to add whatever content you like. This isn’t an option in Pinnacle.

An example of the Virtue theme with three menus here:

Virtue also has an option to place the slider above the header. see here:

Boxed Mode:

Virtue has a boxed mode (not possible in pinnacle) where you can have a background behind your content like this demo:

Full Width Portfolio:

Pinnacle has a fullwidth portfolio option (not possible in virtue).


There are numerous other small differences and again most everything comes down to the style of the content. If you still can’t decide consider our Kadence Membership. For not much more money you can get access to all the themes and extra plugins as well. Not to mention new content coming out all the time.

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